2013 -- Past Courses

The 2013 “Nephrology Update West Lake Forum” was held in the Crowne Plaza Xanadu Resort in Hangzhou, China March 21-23, 2013. The Forum was highly successful. There were 662 registrants including nephrologists from all over the country. 

2013年 的“肾脏病学新进展西湖论坛”于2013年3月21-23日在中国杭州世外桃源皇冠假日酒店隆重举行。此次论坛取得了圆满的成功,会议共有662名来自全国各地的肾脏病医师参加。

Foreign speakers from Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Oregon Health &Science University (OHSU), Drexel, Columbia and domestic speakers from several major universities in China provided high-quality evidence-based lectures, focusing on issues facing nephrologists in our day-to-day practice and providing us with new knowledge based on recent research and practical guidance for disease assessment and treatment strategies.  


Topics chosen for the 2013 West Lake forum were diverse, covering areas of general nephrology, dialysis and kidney transplantation. The slides for each lecture were projected side-by-side in English and Chinese with simultaneous interpretation. Each lecturer was given 30 minutes with 10 minutes allotted for Q & A. Luncheons and breaks provided additional venues for conversations and information exchanges among faculty and other attendees. In addition, over 80 attendees had opportunity to meet with the forum faculty face-to-face in small group discussion. The entire meeting was scholarly and filled with the excitement of applying bench research to clinical practice.  


Post-meeting surveys showed overwhelmingly positive feedback. Almost all attendees stated that they came away more informed and were hoping that we could offer this Forum next year. The Forum has clearly increased knowledge level for the attendees and exerted a positive impact on the practice of nephrology in China.  


The organizing committee of the 2013 Forum extends our most sincere appreciation to our hosts in Hangzhou and sponsors for their support that made the Forum a great learning experience.  


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